Happy Spring Equinox 2024!



Jacopo Brancati will give the lecture "Maritime photography and tall ships at the beginning of the 20th century".




In the inter-war period, the "Grain Races" between Australia and Europe marked the swan song of large transoceanic sailing ships. Newly designed cameras that use film instead of glass plates are now in common use. Jacopo Brancati's conference tells the "Grain Races" through history and unpublished images of some sailors on Finnish ships.

Runar Husell - ©FolkeHusell2024

 "I forget you over again, dying of want at daybreak the art of remembering a suture, low deep sleep in meadows, ensconced in dreams woken by bells in strange cities then why did I go so far from you? Only the sky bears witness to the quiver of night swallowing day" Rebecca Wilson

PHOTOGRAPHY LESSONS start on March 26th 2024 at UTL Saint Malo


The photography courses held by Jacopo Brancati will begin on March 28th at the UTL of Saint Malo.

Photography and photographic culture, training in the photographic image focused on the fundamental aspects: composition, depth of field, focal length and light.

This will lead to the study of some authors, photographers of the '900, to understand the stakes of the image in our world which is made up of images.

Check it out for more info!

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