Eric Newby and Jacopo Brancati

Jacopo Brancati with Eric and Wanda Newby

Musée Portuaire, Dunkerque


During a visit, immerse yourself in life aboard these Cape Horners for this long journey of nearly nine months with its dangers but also its rites such as the famous line crossing ceremony reserved for those who overtook for the first time the equator. And, when the Cape Horn sailors returned from this long maritime journey, one was struck by the indelible traces inflicted by Cape Horn in the flesh and in the memory of its sailors. All the stages of the great journey south, life. This exhibition is rich in sound testimonies from former Cape Horners and filmed images from this period.


Jacopo Brancati conceived and prepared the last section of the exhibition where you find the photographic reportage that Eric Newby made in 1939 aboard the Finnish 4 masted barque Moshulu during the last grain race. This is the first time that Eric Newby's photographs are exhibited in France

Eric and Wanda Newby and Jacopo Brancati - 2005 Dunkerque Musée Portuaire

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