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Infine Arts develops cultural and artistic projects meeting the client’s needs.
We propose and create thematic exhibitions for museums, public institutions and private companies


MARITIME MUSEUM OF FINLAND - Merikeskus Vellamo 2016-2017
Viapori Dockyard, a Bridge to the Future


Viapori Dockyard, a Bridge to the Future

MUSEE PORTUAIRE - Dunkerque Capitale Régionale de la Culture 2013
"Ports d'Europe en quête de nouveaux mondes"
a Musée Portuaire production
exhibition design by Scenorama
Scientific contribution by Infine Arts - Sonia Olcese, Jacopo Brancati


"Jäinen matka Suomeen" - "Winter Voyage to Finland"
a creation of Infine Arts , realized for the Finnish Maritime Museum
and based upon the original work of Jacopo Brancati

In winter the Baltic Sea turns itself into ice-pack, a thick shell of ice blocks Finland 's coasts and harbours; life follows a different rhythm, ships and men must attune to that.

During three winters, Jacopo Brancati explored this maritime world, sharing each day the life of seafaring people at work under the severe hyper boreal climatic conditions.
The author, just like any other member of the pilotage service, boarded ships in the Finnish ports, in the open sea and on the sea-pack; from there he shifted his gaze on the very particular world of the men and women he met travelling from the Gulf of Finland to the Gulf of Bothnia, to witness of their work and life.

Exhibition from 13th November 2008 to 31th May 2009
Merikeskus Vellamo - KOTKA



Kotka Vellamo


The exhibition, consisting of sixty black and white photographs, develops through four steps. In the first three sections we follow the author's exploration of different geographical areas: the Gulf of Finland, the Archipelago Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. The fourth and last section, “Memories”, is a touching, respectful homage to the traditions and to the intimate world of Finnish seafaring people.


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"Jäinen matka Suomeen" at Merikeskus Vellamo - November 2008

Kotka Vellamo
Kotka Vellamo
Arja Kastinen
Vellamo Kotka Jacopo Brancati Erik Tirkkonen Outi Kivimaki

Many thanks to Arja Kastinen, kantele player, who has
been a great source of inspiration to this work
Here Arja is playing for the opening

Please visit www.temps.fi for more info about her music


Juha Tulimaa, Erik Tirkkonen, Outi Kivimäki and Jacopo Brancati at the Maritime Museum of Finland


Exhibition from 30th September 2009 to 24th October 2009


Exhibition organized by the Ambassy of Finland in Italy,
the Town Council of Kotka,
the Port Authority of Kotka, the Port Authority of Naples
and the Suomen Merimuseo



Jacopo Brancati and the Finnish ambassador Mr. Pauli Makela

Napoli Vellamo Jacopo Brancati
  Napoli Vellamo Jacopo Brancati




"I Mestieri del Mare"
"Uomini e navi del porto di Genova"

An ethnographic study about men and ships in one of the most important Mediterranean harbours, it tells how tightly sea and shore are bound to each other, revealing the unexpected, exceptional face of everyday harbour life

Exhibition and conference 09th June to 31th August 2007

Galata Museo del Mare

"Uomini e navi del porto di Genova"

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"Saletta dell'Arte" - Galata Museo del Mare

Jacopo Brancati au Galata Museo del Mare

"Un fotografo a bordo" - Conference at Galata Museo del Mare

From left to right:

Stefano Monti-Bragadin - University of Genoa
Jacopo Brancati - Infine Arts
Pierangelo Campodonico - Galata Museo del Mare
Oreste Bozzo - Chief Pilot Genova Harbour Pilots






"Cap sur le Horn"
"Eric Newby and the Last Grain Race"

For this exhibition he organized the photographic section based on the classic of maritime literature “The Last Grain Race” (1954) and “Learning the Ropes. An apprentice on the Last of the Windjammers” by the English writer Eric Newby.

This was the first exhibition in France focusing on Eric Newby as a photographer


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Eric Newby and Jacopo Brancati

“Eric Newby and the Last Grain Race”
Exhibition from 13th November 2005 to 31th May 2005



Eric Newby and Jacopo Brancati at Musée Portuaire - April 2005

Eric Newby©2010






Eric Newby - "The Last Grain Race" on the Finnish barque Moshulu 1937-38 (All rights reserved Eric Newby)





"Pilote à bord" - LILLE 2004 European Capital of Culture


250m² exhibition : 70 photos, 7 small models, several items from ships and harbour, 3 historical panel retracing the history of the port of Genoa

Exhibition organized by the Musée Portuaire
and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura - Lille



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Pilote à bord - Musee Portuaire Dunkerque

Exhibition from 20th November 2004 to 20th February 2005“Pilote à bord! ” - Musée Portuaire de Dunkerque


Genoa is one of the major harbours of the Mediterranean Sea . Stretching over a 9 maritime miles long coastal strip, it consists of three main sites and offers different kinds of terminals – passengers, oil, dry and wet bulk, containers.

Active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no matter what weather conditions are, pilots, tugboats and boatmen handle some 20.000 ships per year. They are experienced professionals who blend a great tradition with technical knowledge and skills, indispensable for the security of men, cargoes, ships and port facilities.

This reportage, result of a year's work, reveals the mechanisms of the perfect port machinery by analyzing the job of the pilots and of their collaborators, beating to the rhythm of their work, day and night, under all weather conditions








Pilote à bord - Musee Portuaire Dunkerque
Pilote à bord - Musee Portuaire Dunkerque



LILLE 2004, European Capital of Culture - FRANCE

Les Journées Européennes du Patrimoine
Exhibition from 18th September to 07th October


Visages de pierre - Palais Rihour

“La cité aux visages de pierre” Italy , 2002
Organized by the Institut Culturel Italien – Italian Embassy of Lille , France

A study on funerary sculpture of Genoa Monumental Cemetery.
The depiction of ideals and fashions of Italian society during the late 19th century is the starting point for an intimate meditation on death and life.
The sense of an ambiguous, mesmerizing flow of reality into imagination is enhanced by the choice of colour pictures

"Grief engenders beauty, death engenders life through immortalizing recollection and portraiture.
In the photographs of Jacopo Brancati death is a seducer,
a hypnotizer, it has an inexorable grasp or a gentle touch: but it always brings along rest and forgetfulness.
The interplay of glances and gestures, dances and whispers, breathings and voices are captured stealthily, lest the spell be broken and the pageant stops"

Sonia Olcese


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Visages de pierre - Palais Rihour


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