Robert W Service A Sourdough's Quest

Charlotte Service-Longépé

ISBN 9782955543740

Biographical Novel, Illustrated

508 pages, 5.8×8.3 inches, 2021



Driven by wanderlust, a twenty-two-year-old Scot embarks for Canada in 1896. Along the journey led by a diversity of jobs, from ploughman to bank clerk, from hobo to poet, the young man goes from happy to painful experiences while enjoying the sweet breath of freedom and love of Nature.

In the wild Yukon, it’s not the gold nuggets of the Gold Rush that twinkle in his eyes, but rather the brainwave to discover the source of his first literary successes.

Illustrated with photographs, maps and drawings, this novel is taking the reader in a kind of travel diary following the thrilling life quest of a man looking to find his destiny. A biography lively penned thanks to the dedication of his great-granddaughter Charlotte Service-Longépé.


Robert W Service Best Quotes & Inspiring Rhymes

Charlotte Service-Longépé

ISBN 9782955543733

Poetry Illustrated

225 pages, 5.8×8.3 inches, 2020



This anthology proposes a selection of some 260 extracts of Robert W. Service best poems and quotes collected by thematics – freedom, love, work, success, nature, happiness – everyday concerns as well as philosophical quests arising in our life; a timeless source of inspiration and wisdom which are still moving people everyday as explained touchingly by some of his admirers. Including a brief biography, the vigorous, colorful, humorous and sensitive ballads of the most widely read poet of his time are innovatively revived now, thanks to the selection and the illustrations of his great-granddaughter Charlotte Service-Longépé.

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Charlotte LONGÉPÉ


Born in Paris, France, in 1987, she completed a Master’s degree in Business Administration at the International University of Monaco, then worked in event planning before turning her efforts to writing. She wrote books and short stories in publications dedicated to the legacy of the renowned Canadian high north poet Robert W. Service, work that she has promoted extensively by giving lectures.

In addition, she wrote podcast reviews about art/culture and recorded video episodes about classic photography.

She combined her artistic skills in various drawing projects which has been a long lasting pastime.

Concerned with ecological matters, she is taking a close interest in the future of our environment.

She is sharing her time between Lancieux and Monaco where she is involved in community arts and in health projects lead by women empowering association.

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