Jacopo Brancati

Professional photographer, journalist and historian specialized on maritime and cultural heritage.

Born in 1966, he graduated from the University in Political Science of Genoa.

Since he was the witnessed of the emergence of a positive image on the white surface of a sheet of photographic paper that was bathing in the developer he never stopped taking pictures.

Before turning as a full-time photographer, he worked as marketing counsellor and logistic manager. Focusing his work on Classic Photography, he is now based in Brittany, France.



There is a magic in the art of photography invented more than a century ago, a magic which has not faded through time instead becoming something and precious nowadays. Classic photography is mixing the films, the chemical and the unique artist vision and skills; there is no second chance when shooting and developing.

Thanks his film cameras, from the small to the large format, he wishes to carry on the miracle of photography and this evocative strength - almost shamanic - of the image that recalls in our minds the memories, real or imaginary, of a past that we believed to have disappeared.



Jacopo Brancati turned to photography as a means of sociological study with a humanistic vision. For him photography rhymes with adventure, sea trips, nature and telling genuine stories that don’t simply stop at the surface. He is committed to catch the substance and the soul of men as he strongly feels the importance to fix this time that will be become tomorrow our past.



The exhibition of photographer Ismo Hölttö’s pictures of Finland in the 60 had been the trigger for his wish to explore the high north and to work on portraits. For 20 years, he has followed and studied the community of seafarers in Scandinavia, France and Italy, dedicating his work to build their cultural heritage.



- Suomenlinna Museum, Helsinki, Finlande - 15/04/2014 > 30/04/2016

- Suomen Merimuseo, Kotka, Finlande - 11/2008 - 05/2009

- Sjöfartsmuseum, Mariehamn - Aland Island, Finland 2017

- Museo del Mare, Genês, Italie - 07/06/2007 - 31/08/2007

- Musée Portuaire, Dunkerque, France - 20/11/2004 - 20/02/2005

- Palais Rihour, Lille, France - «  Lille Capitale Européenne de la Culture 2004 »

- Centre Culturel Italien, Paris, France - 14/10/2003 - 10/11/2003

- ARTE G.e.i.e. , Strasbourg, France - octobre 2002



- Lancieux au fil du temps, InfineArts Editions, France 2019 with Sonia Olcese

- Restes humains, InfineArts éditions, France 2019 (édition bilingue français/anglais)

- Viapori Dockyard a Bridge to the Future, InfineArts Editions, France 2016

- Jäinen matka Suomeen, Winter Voyage to Finland, InfineArts Editions, France 2015

- Pilote à bord ! Homme et navires du port de Gênes, ERGA Editions, Italie 2004 (édition bilingue italien/français)


He contributed to various magazines like Le Chasse-Marée, Connaissance des Arts, Vieilles Maisons Françaises, and Arte Navale.


His artwork is represented by the Bridgeman Images agency in London.



More info at Jacopo Brancati on Wikipedia Finland


and on EMULSIVE : Jacopo Brancati, Why I Shoot Film

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