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  In cooperation with several European maritime museums we carry out projects exploring the activities of seafaring people
under different historical and geographical perspectives

Our aim is to contribute to the study, protection and enhancement of European maritime cultural heritage


Infine Arts works with:

- SLS, The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland - Helsinki, Finland

- SUOMENLINNA MUSEUM - Suomenlinna, Finland

- SUOMENLINNAN HOITOKUNTA - Suomenlinna Governing Body, Finland

- FRAMMUSEET - Fram Museum, Oslo, Norway

- VIAPORIN TELAKKA ry - Suomenlinna, Finland

- MERIKESKUS VELLAMO - Maritime Museum of Finland

- ÅLAND SJÖFARTSMUSEUM - Åland Islands, Finland

- MUSEE PORTUAIRE - Dunkirk, France

- GALATA MUSEO del MARE - Genoa, Italy

- MUSEE CERNUSCHI - Paris, France




Infine Arts writes for:

"Le CHASSE-MAREE - Des bateaux et des hommes" - Maritime magazine, France

"ARTE NAVALE" - Maritime magazine, Italy

"La CASANA" - Fine Arts magazine, Italy

"VMF Vieilles Maisons Françaises" - Architectural heritage magazine, France





Jacopo Brancati



(born in 1966), professional photographer and journalist, lives and works in France since 1992. After his studies in Political Sciences at the University of Genoa ( Italy ), he turned to photography as a means of ethnological study. Since then, he focused his main interest on maritime cultural heritage
At the same time, he devotes a part of his activity to architecture, with the aim of explaining the « spirit of places »
In his photography, light depicts with gentle, precise strokes the psychology and the emotions of the people he runs into during his voyages. Since 2004, Jacopo Brancati is represented by Infine Arts his work group and agency and Bridgeman Art Library

In 2007 his book “Pilot on board! Men and Ships of Genoa Harbour” was awarded the prize “Sanremo Libro del Mare”, for photographic book section

Download the biography (.pdf file)

Sonia Olcese


(born in 1966), graduated in foreign languages at the University of Genoa (1993) and attended school of specialisation in medieval and modern history of art.

Guide-lecturer and interpreter (English, Russian, French, Italian), in 2004 she founded Infine Arts with Jacopo Brancati.
She develops research projects and articles, she is also in charge of communication and pr

  Arja Kastinen  


(born in 1963), doctor in Music. Her main interest lies in the ancient Finnish music culture and in creative improvisation. Arja's concerts are experimental journeys to the dim and distant past seeking to uphold tradition while creating new things.

She mixes the old and new playing techniques presenting the versatile timbres and acoustic properties of the kantele.
Arja recorded six albums, and has had many concerts in Europe, Russia and USA



"Temps oy", Finland


  Stéphane Martin  

Stéphane MARTIN

(born in 1971) I have been landscaper for several years up to day... this professional activity may have a direct relationship with the art and images world in which I have progressed for nearly 20 years.

As a student at the School of Fine Arts in Rennes (France) and at the College of Arts, Design and Multimedia at the University of Portsmouth (UK), I had the opportunity to discover the world of images through my experiences as press/publishing/advertsiting illustrator, production designer and colourist in cartoons, children's book publishing editor, and finally, visual and graphic arts teacher..










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